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DC10 Voltage Transducer

The TVL DC10 series, by Aim Dynamics, is an optically isolated (4.5 kV) DC voltage sensing device that is rated at 100Vdc. The DC10 outputs a corresponding 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA signal, depending on the option chosen.

Primary voltage range 50 – 1000VDC
Output 0-5 VDC
Accuracy 0.5% over range
Linearity 0.2% over range
Response time 9 mSec to 90% voltage range
Working range 5 – 105%
Overload 150% continuous
Temperature -30C to +70C operating
Humidity 90% operating
Isolation 4.5KV, 1 minute
Supply voltage 15 - 48VDC
Mechanical DIN EN 50 022 or wall mounting
Dimensions 0.709”W x 3.504”H x 2.126”D
Warranty 7 years
Safety ETL Listed; CSA C22.2;
Conforms to UL508C